ONCE Upon A Coma Walk-through

  1. Press the doorbells in the correct order (SMILE) and then press the button on the bottom floor.

  2. Go to Red Wind Barbery and collect the song on the mirror (DEBAB)

  3. Go to Wren’s House and play the song (DEBAB). Collect the baseball bat, and exit to the far right to Red Wind Field.

  4. Talk to Bird, then Simeon in the sewer. Collect the insulin in the tree

  5. Go to Spiderian Sewer, find Simeon, and roll him into the three pits: sand, poop, and spider eggs.

  6. Defeat the Spiderian Sewer boss, and head back to Wren’s House to play your new song. Collect the Gomboyssa Grips, and head to Neverwood Cemetery.

  7. First, swing across the are where you encounter Dr. Smile to land on the elevator.

  8. Talk to Gomgirlssa in her hut, and fetch the nails from the Queen Bee.

  9. Take to Gomgirlssa, and receive the sharpened baseball bat.

  10. Find all three screaming adults, and wake them up.

  11. Go to the giant monster in the ground, and defeat it.

  12. Go play your new song on Wren’s piano, retrieve the Skateboard.

  13. Head to the marsh, talk to Skunky.

  14. Make your way to the far left of the Marsh and talk to Punky. Grab his SpeakNSay toy, take it to the Water Tower, and hit the “Kitty” sound.

  15. Enter the water tower, grab the key.

  16. Take the key to Booty Bum Clubhouse in Red Wind Village.

  17. Read Simeon’s journal and find Skunky’s real name,

  18. Provide Skunky’s real name to the clerk, and read Preston’s letter.

  19. Blast a hold in the ground between the three water falls in Red Wind Village.

  20. Collect the shrooms and take them back to Skunky in the Marsh.

  21. Talk to the giant bird.

  22. Play your new song on the piano, and head back to the giant bird. Defeat her.

  23. Head to the far bottom below the water tower, and ride the air stream up and into Blackfork.

  24. Enter Blackfork Asylum, and race Gomboyssa. You need to first ride down the hill above Gomboyssa to beat him.

  25. Enter the pharmacy, talk to Punky and the poster next to him, and then read the book in the courtyard, and collect the correct brain matter. Drop the correct pieces in the cauldron.

  26. Take the beaker to Punky, and collect the silver key he drops from the ceiling.

  27. Enter the penitentiary, and collect the key from Simeon after turning on the air vent, and blowing up the bricks.

  28. Take the red key to the pharmacy, and enter the furnace.

  29. Turn on all gems to open the door near the giant laser machine.

  30. Read the typewriter, retrieving Dr. Smile’s true name.

  31. Type in “PETERSMILE” in the clock.

  32. Defeat Dr. Smile.

  33. Enter the final song on the piano.