Go right one screen. Jump on the ledge, then jump to the upper-left shelf and get the drop. Go left one screen and press space on the Orange Light to turn it Green.

Go right two screens and press space on the Locket to pick it up.

Go right one screen and press space on an Orange light to trigger dialogue, then press space when both Orange Lights are lit at the same time, so that Ted and Bo trigger them together and they both turn Green.

Go right two screens and press the Orange Light three times to turn over the three shelves, then quickly jump and press down all three buttons; one on each shelf.

Go right two screens and press space on the Sack. Press space two more times, until the Sack explodes.

Go left seven screens to the beginning of the train and interact with Pinstripe.


Get the drop and press space to take Bo's Scarf.

Go left three screens and jump onto one side of the wooden pulley. Wait a second or two and then quickly jump to the other side and jump to the stone ledge in the upper left. Grab the drop.

Go left one screen. Jump onto the two tree leaves and then jump to the stone ledge in the upper right. Grab the drop.

Go right one screen, jump onto the wooden swing, and continue right.

Talk to Felix. Jump onto the tree and onto the branch that Felix is on. Jump a few times until he falls off. Grab the drop. Fall down the far right side of the screen.

Pick up the sack and go left two screens. Grab the drop that is one screen left.

Enter the door and speak with Mr Dicky. Go right one screen to the backyard.

Feed the Sack to the Tree.

Jump on top of the door back into Mr Dicky's house and then jump onto the bottom left branch of the Tree. Jump your way to the top of the tree and grab the drop.

Take the Slingshot. Break the crate that is hanging and grab its drop. 


Exit Mr Dicky's house and speak with Mr Dicky.

Go right a few screens, past where you started, and shoot down the large log. Jump onto the log. Grab the drop. Continue right.


Interact with Pinstripe and then take the fork down-right towards Red Wash.

Press space on the Orange Light and it will start blinking. Go back left and press space on the Green Light and it will start blinking. Take the fork up-right towards Hangly Pass. Grab the drops. Shoot the wheels in the upper left or upper right on the screen with the large log to lift it and allow you to run under. Then press space on the Red Light and it will start blinking. Go back left two screens and free George from his cage.

Go right three screens and speak to Mr. Dicky. Fire your sling-shot into the opening of the device with the orange light; the light will go out.

Go left one screen and interact with the dog's paw in the snow. Jump on the mushroom and go up-left.

Go up-right and shoot down the enemy. Press space on the pawprint to dig up the Bible. Move quickly across the rotating platforms to go up-right.

Shoot the plank three times and it'll break. Continue right one screen. Jump over the gap and shoot into the opening of the device with the orange light; the light will go out.

Go right one screen and stand beneath the device with the orange light to get the flying monster to drop one of its bombs into the opening; the light will go out.

Go left one screen and drop down through the gap. Collect the silver key and go back to the house that you just came from in the upper-right of Hangly Pass.

Enter the house. Bounce on the bed, get the drops, and proceed to the upper-right.

Talk with Miss Birdy and then shoot the five locks around her cage to free her.

Jump off the ledge, get the drops, and fall down. Speak with Dicky and Birdy.

Go left three screens. Bounce on Little Lady's butt six times until she is defeated. Continue left two screens and look for Bo through the telescope. 

Continue left four screens and have George dig at the paw print in the snow. Recover the pill bottle.

The code on the bottle says 4, a scratched out number, and 3. On the clue Miss Birdy gave you, it says 10 tablets. So the code is 4, 10, 3.

Continue left to Dicky's house. Enter and go right. Climb the tree again and input the combination. Get the flashlight.

Go back to Hangly Pass and then take the lower-right pathway down towards Red Wash. Turn on your flashlight, enter the cave, and interact with Pinstripe. Go right one screen.


Go right three screens and observe the word DADDY under the Red Orb. Press space on the gate for cell 366. Unlock the door via the spin puzzle (spin and press the spacebar as it passes over each node to light up all three at once) and enter. Observe the word SAVE under the Yellow Orb. Exit the cell.

Go up to the giant red sack and use your Slingshot to hit the phrase DADDY and turn on the machine. Go back to the screen with cell 366.

Go down-right one screen.

Go right one screen and stand on the left side of the loose wooden beam. A sack will fall and you will be catapulted up-right. Progress two screens right.

Press space on the gate for cell 663. Unlock the door via the spin puzzle (solved the same as the previous one) and enter. Observe the word ME under the Yellow Lamp. Exit and go left, dropping down a screen.

Observe the word PLEASE under the Blue Lamp. Jump back up, and go right one screen past cell 663. Input the phrase PLEASE to turn on the blue machine.

Go left one screen, drop down, and go left one screen. Input the phrase SAVE ME to turn on the yellow machine.

Go right two screens, jump on a barrel as it passes across the bottom, and go right two screen. Interact with Pinstripe. Go right one screen. 


Defeat Little Lady again the same was as before; jump on her butt six times.

Go right one screen and turn on the Gas Line by winning at the mini-game; tap the space bar to make the little orb bounce, and guide it through the gaps as the machine rotates. If you touch an obstacle, you'll need to start over.

Go back through every screen in The Sack Chute, Hangley's Pass, and EdgeWood and use the lamps to fire flaming slingshots at the black circles with orange dots on them. Stand behind the lit lamps and shoot through them to set your projectile on fire, aiming for the black circles. You will need 300 drops soon, and clearing all these targets should get you more than enough.

Down in Red Wash, near the exit to Hangly Pass, shoot through the fire to clear the sack blocking the picture puzzle. Activate it with space. The goal is to move the magnifying glass over the right-most picture and press space to identify eight differences between the two pictures. (The chimney smoke, the moon, George, the second flower on the bottom-left, the railway above the fence on the right, the extra plank in the overhang above the doorway, the bars on the window, and the missing star to the left of the chimney.)

In the Hangly Pass, return to the area with the spinning, mounted platforms. You can now line up the newly-lit fire to shoot through and open a door to the right.

Inside, you'll find another portrait puzzle as before, this time with ten differences. (Pinstripe behind the fence, the red butterfly, the headband, the socks, Mrs Birdy's signature, the middle flower, the faint small cloud on the right, the mountain behind the bench, the middle fencepost on the right, and the missing bench leg on the left.)

Outside of Mr Dicky's house in Edge Wood, fire your sling shot straight up into the fire on the left side, letting it fall back down and creating a mushroom. This may take some practice to get your position and aim right. Bounce up-left to reach Edge Pond.

Use the monster's bombs to catapult you up into the drops. Stand on the base of the catapult (not on the lever) below the net to lure the monster to drop its bombs into the net. Then quickly jump into the opposite side of the lever. When the bomb detonates, it will throw you into the air. If you accidentally kill the monster, leave and it will respawn when you come back. You can move the catapult on the ice. 

From EdgePond, go right five screens and enter Princle's shop. Play and win his Balloon Game to win the Mega drop. Pro tips: stand on the left or right side, and you can often (especially with jumping) hit more than one balloon at a time. Also, the left-most balloon drops faster than the other three, so focus on that one first! 

Proceed back to Pissward Falls.

Go right three screens and use the fire on the spinning wheel to unlock the Green Light and 10 drops. You will need these 300 drops shortly! Go left one screen.

Jump and swing your way to the top and notice the four lights on the gate in the upper-right. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. All but the green button can be found in this screen; just shoot through the flames at the black pods to destroy them, and swing your way close to the one in the upper-left corner to activate.
The green button is found through the bottom-right on the water-wheel. Shoot through the flame at the targets as it turns to reveal the green button. Once all the buttons have been pressed, the gate at the top of the screen to the left will break open.
Go through the newly opened gate. Roll the ball into the alcove below the water... you may need to get some momentum to get it that far. If you miss, the ball will respawn when you reenter the room. When the worm tries to grab it, shoot him with fire shots by firing through the flame; hit his three sweet spots to get the water running.

Go back left one screen, drop all the way down, and go left one screen.

Talk to Happy and buy a Lift Ticket for 300 drops. (If you don't have enough, make sure you've broken all the destructible items and shattered all the targets in every area.) You will no longer need drops, but feel free to keep collecting them in Red Wash for your Adventure+ runs.

Go right three screens and use the code on your ticket, 123331. Shoot the combination into the corresponding numbers above your head. Get onto the lift. 


Go right to exit the lift. Then go left two screens.

Shoot the wood covering the well and drop down the well. Shoot all the barrels and then talk to Miss Birdy and get the Spoon. 

Press space in front of the picture to solve another difference puzzle. There are thirteen this time. (The fire in the window, the dolls on the right shelf, the second pillow on the bed, Mrs Birdy's signature, the lantern above the window, the second white book on the left shelf, Teddy and Bo in the mirror, George, the scratches on the right side of the wall, the tree in the window, the second right-most bedpost, the middle missing wallpaper stripe directly beneath the window, and the scratches on the bed.)
Jump onto the wood in the lower-left and then shoot the Yellow thing in the middle to be fired up and out of the well.

Go right five screens, create a mushroom by shooting the target through the fire, and go up-left. Go up-right and interact with Pinstripe. Go right one screen, drop down, and enter Pinstripe Pub.

Go right one screen and shoot down towards the poolballs to ricochet them off the floor and left wall and into the basin. Get enough in so that you can jump onto the basin and jump up-left. Jump left onto the shelf with the Fork and take the Fork.

Exit Pinstripe Pub and go right four screens. Read the note on the wall of Happy's shop.

Go left two screens. Get onto the wood in the middle of the room. Stand on the left side of it and then shoot the Yellow thing so that you are fired up-left. Then jump up-left and go left another two screens into the clock house.

Interact with the clock, place down the Fork and Spoon, and set the clock to 8:10pm. The Spoon is the hours hand.

Go back to Happy's Shop and talk with him. Go left two screens, jump onto the wood again, and fire yourself to the up-right. The minigame is the same as the one in Pissward Falls; tap space to bounce the ball through the spikes, back away to avoid the explosion when you win, and get a piece of the clue. Go left four screens and solve another minigame of the same type to get the last piece of the clue.

Go back to the Clock House and input a time of 2:30am

Explore every screen in Red Wash to defeat the 10 Sack Monsters. Shoot each one 7 times. They are located at: Walkway to Clock House, Wooden plank catapult room, 2 inside of Pinstripe Pub, one screen left of Pinstripe's House, the screen with Felix, one screen to the right of the Lift, the screen with the Lift, outside the Well, and inside Pinstripe's House (have to unlock the door via spinner puzzle).

Once you have all 10, speak with Happy again.

Get the newspaper, go back to Pinstripe's House and enter. Input 1922 on the bed.

Talk with Bo. Shoot the Mirror. Speak with Pinstripe.

Fight Pinstripe. Dodge his lightning strikes, and shoot the monsters he summons, which usually drops hearts. Immediately after the lightning strikes, his shield will go down for a few months, allowing you to shoot him a few times. It took me 7 rounds to defeat him. Pick up the whiskey bottle. Go through the mirror.

Stand on the Blue Switch and then get off of it three times. George will volunteer to stand on it for you. Go through the gateway into Heaven. 


Go right one screen and talk with Bo. Pick her up and go right two more screens.

Once outside, go right and grab the butterfly.

Go left one screen and grab the three butterflies.

Go left one screen and grab the four butterflies.

Go right two screens and THE END.