At Atmos Games, we believe that a small team is what makes indie games super special. A cohesive story, feeling, and overall experience is best achieved with a few brilliant minds that know how to work together. We're excited to announce that as of 2017, Atmos Games will be joining forces with Serenity Forge to start producing amazing games that make a lasting, emotional impact on players around the world.



Owner & Art Director | twitter.com/atmosgames

Thomas started his career in games when he released his first indie title "Coma". Coma became an instant award winning classic Flash game. Thomas then began development of his 5-year passion project Pinstripe, which released on Steam in 2017. 

What's Your Favorite Game?

"My favorite game is Resident Evil. It really shows how far atmosphere can take a game. Plus, it was something that really brought me and my brothers together because it would freak us out."


Erik Coburn

Serenity Forge Developer & Coma's Lead Developer

Erik grew up in a family of programmers with a lifelong passion for game development, and picked up code at the age of 11 with Flash. Since then, his focus has shifted more towards building the underlying engines and mechanics that really make games feel special.

What's Your Favorite Game?

"Cave Story. It was the first game I played that showed the impact a single developer can have on the industry. It showed that it doesn't take a complex story to have a long lasting impact on a player."